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Springforward helps organizations to selectively use automation to achieve a higher ROI. IT automation links various systems and software so that they become self-operating and thus more productive, more accurate, and able to manage more volume. Processes that are repeated often, are costly, and are time consuming, prove to be ideal for automation because automation can take a repetitive task from days to complete to just hours.

Regarding testing automation, Springforward takes a cautious and deliberate approach which addresses both points of concern and areas for real improvement. Manual testing is appropriate when teams do not have the time to research or to learn automated alternatives and how to use them. Further, some systems are too complex and change too frequently to be able to devise a reliable automation alternative. In addition, management, quality assurance professionals, and testing teams may prefer manual testing if it threatens the status quo or if the costs associated with the upfront work of automating far outweigh the benefits of automating.

Springforward zeroes in on certain areas that are ripe for testing. These include:


  • Regression Testing
  • Smoke Testing
  • Static & Repetitive Tests
  • Data Driven Testing
  • Load & Performance Testing.

Springforward will guide its project team through a sequence of predictable steps, from selecting the right automation tool to building quality into the test date. The result is maximum return on investment (ROI) using automation.

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