508 Compliance Overview

Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act requires that Electronic and Information Technology (EIT) conforms to specific standards designed to ensure accessibility by users who have disabilities. With respect to these standards, Springforward assists with providing strategic direction, technical support, and training to ensure employees and customers with disabilities have equal access to information and data. We support:

  • Software Applications and Operating Systems (1194.21)
  • Web-based Intranet and Internet Information and Applications (1194.22)
  • Information, Documentation, and Support (ยง1194.41)
  • Functional performance criteria (1194.31)
  • Telecommunications products (1194.23)
  • Video and multimedia products (1194.24)
  • Self-contained, closed products (1194.25)
  • Desktop and portable computers (1194.26)

Our approach to supporting our clients with 508 compliance begins with a plan to establish centralized testing and implementation. We employ experienced and knowledgeable testers and product developers to first identify gaps in 508 compliance. All applications and electronic content are reviewed to determine their level of accessibility and then testing policies, including defect report reviews, are developed. We produce a test schedule, identify deliverables, and create an intake request form.

Our testing plan consists of identifying and implementing testing tools and developing testing protocols to ensure review of all defect reports with project teams and project staff. The testing environment is validated for functionality and we implement remote capabilities when necessary, so defects may be demonstrated to those developers who are not local to the testing staff. When 508 compliance testing is executed, we create Section 508 compliance checklists and conduct validation tests. Our defect review is part demonstration of the defect, using defect tracking tools and part reporting, using a defect log/report.


508 Compliance Core Competencies

  • Staffing 508 compliance projects with experienced and trained team members
  • Setting up the test environment using industry proven tools such as JAWS, WAVE, Windows Eyes, and Fire Eyes
  • Project management, focused on defining roles and responsibilities associated with the defect management process
  • Identifying the best defect management tool for the project whether, commercial or government


The result of our testing culminates in several deliverables including a Section 508 Compliance Test Evaluation Summary Report, document storage, and lessons learned which include metrics, implementation strategies, and protocols for gathering and implementing future 508 Compliance projects.

508 Compliance Testing Plan

Develop Section 508 Compliance Governance Board and Plan
Plan Testing
Establish Testing Environment
Conduct Section 508 Compliance Testing
Execute Defect Review
Construct Documentation Storage
Metrics and Lessons Learned

Past Performance

IRS, Enterprise Systems Testing
In 2015-2016, Springforward provided the IRS consulting and IT support services to assist the Enterprise Systems Testing (EST) organization in designing, implementing, and integrating industry government best practice test strategies to support the Software Development Life Cycle phases as they relate to major IRS programs and initiatives such as the ACA, RRP, FATCA, Web Applications, On-Line Services, etc. Our services include creating and updating testing plans, testing guidelines, and program and policy documents related to EST. Work was successfully performed on time, within budget, and according to customer specifications.

PBGC, Training and Support Services
In 2015-2016, Springforward provided PBGC SharePoint curriculum development and training for two audiences: General User and Site Administrator. Our team collaborated with customer to identify the scope of the work and time frame for delivery, developed a project plan and gained agreement and final approval for course topics, facilitated a pilot for both audiences, revised and updated the plan with subject matter experts and certified trainers, and provided classroom-based, web, and CBT SharePoint training for General Users. Work was successfully performed on time, within budget, and according to customer specifications.

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